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Linux vmstat command

April 4, 2019 | By kiranbadi1991 | Comments Off on Linux vmstat command | Filed in: Database, Development, Environment, Memory, Performance Engineering, Process, Web Server.

I have been spending  bit of my time on EC2 Amazon linux. So thought of just making a note of some of the commands I frequently use. It helps me to look directly at my site for information on this command rather than googling and spending time for the information in the internet for this • Read More »

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Application Performance and Scalability

September 18, 2018 | By kiranbadi1991 | Comments Off on Application Performance and Scalability | Filed in: Development, Environment, Performance Engineering.

Application performance is measured by service time (response time), latency, throughput, efficiency. Depending on application needs, we describe performance as “how fast “can a given task or work can be completed by the program with the available computing resources. Scalability means ability of the application to increase throughput or computing power of the program when • Read More »

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Concurrency, Thread Safety and Local Variables

August 12, 2016 | By kiranbadi1991 | Comments Off on Concurrency, Thread Safety and Local Variables | Filed in: Development, Performance Center, Performance Engineering, Performance Test Tools.

One of the most of the common reason for concurrency issues I often see in web application is due to concurrent access of data stored in variables. Generally in servlets , data in variables are often stored as Local variables, Instance Variables, Class Variables , request attributes, session attributes and context attributes. Below example simplest • Read More »

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