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VUGEN 9.50 and Internet Explorer 8.0

September 9, 2011 by kiranbadi1991 | Filed under Browser, LoadRunner, Performance Center.

For some good reasons, our existing client decided to upgrade the browser version from IE 6.0 to IE 8.0,it was good news that  finally we have upgraded to at least some new version of IE and discarded the old legacy version of IE.However I realized later on that its pain to get working IE 8 with VUGEN 9.50 version,in fact it does not work at all ,browser launches and no events or function gets recorded and after some search in HP Support site, I came to understand that LR Supports IE8.0 from VUGEN 9.52 version onwards and that too there is specific patch available to ensure that its compatible with IE 8.0.

After doing some analysis and research on the issue as why web recorder of VUGEN 9.50 with IE8.0 was not recording events, I made some changes below to the IE 8 Advanced setting and it worked perfectly without any issues.All you need to do is have the same fields checked as shown below in screenshots.You have to go open IE,go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced Settings>Scroll down to Security Options section and make the required changes as shown in below screenshot.After making changes close all browser instance and restart it.You should be able to have see events being recorded and script generated successfully with IE8.0 now.




However there is one thing I would like to highlight here,it requires that you understand the security holes here,unchecking certain fields means that you are moving your security level to the lower level and there exists a chance where browser will not prompt you when your navigation gets redirected to malicious sites.So be careful and use this tip at your risk.I also suggest that you upgrade from LR9.50 to LR9.52 version and apply the patch as given by HP.Again you also need to keep in mind that there are also other things which might be impacting your web recorder from not recording events,I suggest you also try these tips

Please note in order to access those links, you need to have access to HP Support Site.

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