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March 17, 2012 by kiranbadi1991 | Filed under Others.

James Whittaker, yes you read the name right ?..test engineering guru and his rant has become a viral hit on the internet, if you do not know what I am talking, read here, and then after reading this article ,do a quick Google search, you should be able to find many other news channel which has reported about his rants.

So whats so special about this, first thing  about this is that he is known and Respected Test Engineering Experts and I have been reading his work  via Google testing blogs . So we share the same profession with only difference is that I guess he does more of mentoring/leadership roles and I am a contractor doing small tasks here and there.

Another thing what I share with him, is concern for privacy, and I agree with him that Google has lost its commitment to user privacy.I just hate when Google starts reading my mail contents and thereby starts displaying corresponding  ads matching content of the my mails. This really pissess me off and gives me an impression that someone is having an access to my mail box.There are many other Google products which shows similar behavior and tracks you ruthlessly.

So in case if you want to prevent Google or some one from tracking you, I would say go ahead and install  this in your IE Browser .In case if you are with Firefox , I would suggest you to install Collusion and adPlus blocker . With Collusion, you should be in position to see as how many ad companies tracks you and your browsing session. I am sure this data will surprise you. IE also has tracking protection list which exclusively blocks tracking features of Google . At the time of writing, IE has protections from below Google sites,

-d news.google.com
-d youtube.com
-d blogger.com
– apis.google.com/*plusone*
-d plus.google.com
-d googleadservices.com
-d googletagservices.com
-d googlesyndication.com
-d googleadservices.com
-d google-analytics.com
-d doubleclick.net
-d doubleclick.com
– google.com*/lh/ajaxlog?
– google.com*/uds/stats?
– google.com*/bin/stats?
– google.com*/log?
– google.com*/buzz

Finally there is something which I disagree with James on moral/ethical grounds is that it looks bad when you join a competitor and rant loudly about your ex company.Perhaps on personal blog would have made more sense ,but then probably it would not have gone viral and this is how society in general works.

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