Maps– Show Location via Google Maps and Yahoo Maps

July 6, 2012 | By kiranbadi1991 | Filed in: Browser, Development, Others.

In case if you are ever in need of showing location in Google maps or Yahoo Maps based on some address, try this demo. In this demo, I have given around 5 input fields and then generating the query string on fly and then sending it to Google and Yahoo Maps servers for locational Address display.Technically this process is called as geocoding.

However please note that accuracy of addresses depends on accuracy of data given in the field and data accuracy at Google and Yahoo Maps.Basic thumb rule over here is that we give as correct information as much as possible and then test it.If it displays our home address incorrectly, then we can say  that reliability of these maps is somewhat is limited.

As usual you can use the code by doing view source of the demo page, it uses the query string parameter to pass the user input and query string is build using jquery library.

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