Engineering Mindset – How to build One??

October 4, 2020 | By kiranbadi1991 | Filed in: Others, Process, Project Management.

How can one build Engineering Mindset when they are doing a kind of people role and not actually writing any code related to product his team is building out?

Over the years I have worked with many teams and have played quite a bit of roles and have reported to all kind of manager some of them were young and some old.

So I believe that building engineering mindset is very hard when you don’t have ability to think and talk in terms of code. However if you have some background in coding, then maybe you can

  • Build something or some prototype in Development Environment. Pick some Jira’s and start building out something in Development. Maybe some skeleton of the code or feature.
  • Think of getting involved Architectural discussions or some white boarding sessions. Maybe ask few questions. I often appreciate What If questions which pops up now and then.
  • How about owning a Jira or some feature to develop?
  • Maybe write some tests either for QA or Dev or DevOps or whoever needs them.
  • If you totally a people manager, then probably you can join or gather or lead and drive design and architecture meetings, identify pain areas, external drivers and ensure those drivers are followed up timely.
  • If you are totally a people manager, you can always try and build emotional bridge between team members, product and customers something which is more valuable then coding or technical activities.

With the increase in agile adoption, roles and expectations have shifted. However I believe people management has a role in agile, it’s just that companies are not acknowledging it for now for various reasons. However it’s for sure that if you get into coding for any reasons being a senior resource, you might not be able to build a network or support system that you need to thrive in your role. Coding is exhaustive activity and makes one vulnerable.

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