When are you really done with Performance testing

September 6, 2011 | By kiranbadi1991 | Filed in: Performance Engineering, Process, Project Management.

Quite often we are taught that testing is said to be done when we are out of schedule/budget or when we have tested all the business process as outlined in the performance test plan.However my experience is telling me that they are all incorrect way of representing ”done”.I feel these are all more of the constraints imposed on the team for various reasons rather than measuring parameters or milestones.

Performance testing is done only when we have communicated our finding to all stakeholders which includes all our good and bad results.If we have some failures during execution,it makes more sense to access the impact of those failures in production and communicate these findings to all relevant stakeholders and get their signoff on these findings.If for any reasons,performance team is not aware of the impact, then they should ask the impact to the relevant concerned stakeholder before providing signoff.

A very small number of errors cannot be measuring criteria for closing the execution cycle.Years back I did use to accept less than 5% error count as acceptable criteria for closing the execution cycle however as I gained some more exposure I realized there were lot of other factors which also needs to be accounted for in addition to less than 5% errors.So today I feel  criteria for done is to access the impact of any leftovers unresolved errors and communicate these finding to all and get their signoff.

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