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Implementing Caching Solution

April 28, 2015 by kiranbadi1991 | Comments Off on Implementing Caching Solution | Filed in Development, Environment, Performance Engineering

I have been in quite a few engagements where projects used in process caching and distributed caching using various open source and commercial products.Some projects used memcache,ehcache and some used oracle coherence.I have seen project’s implement in different ways.Caching can be implemented declaratively or programmatically and some of the common questions to ask while implementing cache is,

– How do we refer to the cache component, by name , or id or something else .
– How many items do we need to store in cache memory
– How long do we want to store the items in cache
– Do we need to store items to disk as well, if yes how many items

I think these questions are good enough to get started on cache implementation.However depending on projects requirements we can implement caching in different ways.Maybe I will write something about it in next post.

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HTML 5 New Form Elements and its Benefits

January 28, 2012 by kiranbadi1991 | Comments Off on HTML 5 New Form Elements and its Benefits | Filed in Browser, Development

HTML 5 has some fantastic changes to the form elements which I feel is surely going to make the life of the developers somewhat easy as now they might have to write less code to do some of form validation work. Use of these HTML Tags as part of form means you write less code and do less amount of testing since the real implementation and validation is now done by the browsers.

In all there should be around 10 to 15 new form HTML tag elements which I feel is going to be implemented as part of HTML 5 Specs. Below are the some of the new form elements which I feel are going to be introduced in HTML 5,

· search – This is going to be used for Search text field.

· tel – This is going be used as text field which will accept telephone numbers. It also has pattern attribute to customize according to one’s requirement.

· url – This field is going to accept the url of the site.

· email – This field will accept only email addresses. It has the attribute which can accept multiple email addresses in the same field.

· color – Shows up the color picker control.

· number – This field designed to accept the numerical input. It supports the pattern wherein the user can be restricted to give only numbers in the field.

As of now these HTML 5 elements are not fully supported by browsers, but I have tested this in latest version of Google chrome and Firefox, they do support these tags.

Below is the sample code which I tried in chrome and Firefox,

<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>HTML5 Form Elements</title>

<form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="form1">
        <label for="search">Search:</label>
        <input type="search" name="Search" id="idsearch">
        <label for="tel">Phone:</label>
        <input type="tel" name="Phone" id="idphone">
        <label for="url">Website Details:</label>
        <input type="url" name="website" id="idurl">
        <label for="email">Email:</label>
        <input type="email" name="email" id="idemail" multiple>
        <label for ="number"> Lucky Number : </label>
        <input type="number" name="luckynumber" pattern="int">
        <label for="color">Select color:</label>
        <input type="color" name="colorn" id="idcolor">
        <input type="submit" name="send" id="send" value="Submit">


Don’t me believe, copy paste this code in notepad and save it as html document and open this in Firefox and chrome and use your testing mind and see for yourself how much testing and development efforts you can save when you use these tags as part of your development practice.

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My Experience with Small Businesses

June 16, 2011 by kiranbadi1991 | Comments Off on My Experience with Small Businesses | Filed in Development, Small Businesses

Sometimes back I had short discussion with a owner of the small business ,who was facing some issues with his flash based streaming web site and was expecting that some one identify and fix that issue.The Nature of the problem was that some users connecting to his site were not able to see the live streaming video.Some of his users had given feedback about this  to him.However still a large percentage of users were able to access his site with out any issues.The owner was assuming that this might be related to Cross Browser issues and wanted to confirm whether certain browser versions/Make are in fact showing the same behavior.

So he gave me the link of his site for testing if I can reproduce the same error what his users were seeing. Being in the testing profession,I always have different version of browsers along with different Open source OS installed in my laptop. So initially I browsed through the site with all available version of Browser, and to be honest, site was doing fantastic and had good response time and user experience. After playing around the site for sometime, I started having a feeling that I may not be able to reproduce the error, hmm WTF.But the owner of the site was seeing that error and his users were giving him a feedback saying that something is wrong with site and they are at times not able to view streaming video.

Well after a while of thinking on this, I opened the 8 instances of the browser and in all 8 instance ,clicked go to the site.I followed the same navigational step in all instance of the browser and selected the same video for viewing.Hurray, at least 2 instance of the browser were seeing the exact issue what owner of the small business had reported. Felt little bit relieved now given that we were able to reproduce the issue quite successfully.

Next Step was figuring out as what the issue is. My personal thoughts was that issue here isn’t cross browser testing, it more of the load.Owner of the site all along the way was thinking that his site is not compatible with certain version/make of browser. However finding were different. Sometime the way we reproduce the issue tells us where the problem lies.

Now that we had confirmed that there exists an issue in the site. However is this information sufficient to the small business owners ? I guess not , this information is just not sufficient for them given that they are small business owners. So he was seeking more information ,like what was the issue, what exactly were the end users seeing ? Was the problem in the code or in the server ? There were many similar questions. If we look at the pattern of his questions,we can see that he was more frustrated given that he did not know the source of the problem and maybe due to this he was not able to define the scope of the fix. Well after a digging a while I did gave him some technical exception messages which his site was throwing. I will write a separate post on that as how I did it and if you are tester and you are testing flash based application irrespective of types of testing, I highly recommend that you read my next post and follow it in your project.

So finally about lession learned here: if we are dealing with small businesses with regard to testing,then we need to keep the team of developers with us. They expect “Development”  and “Testing” to be done by the same person/group or company for various reasons.


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